3 Minute Pitch Deck Template

3 minute pitch deck template slide
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3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
3 minute pitch deck template slide
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We’ve designed this 3 9Minute Pitch Deck Template with examples specifically for Demo Day events and on-stage pitches. This free, downloadable, and PDF available template for 3-minute pitch decks helps capture audiences’ attention. It moreover keeps it during the entire startup’s business presentation. The pitch starts with startup metrics and uses bold and large text to reinforce statements. We’ll go over 3-minute pitch deck essentials in detail below to help startups make the best of a 3-minute pitch deck. 

What is a 3 minute pitch deck?

A startup’s pitch describes a company’s main areas of business and interest, including its strengths and weaknesses. It usually serves the purpose of raising funds from different investors. A 3-minute pitch deck does all of that and more in the brief timeframe of 180 seconds. 

We’re overall talking of a short, compelling story that details what makes a company unique along with what it has to offer potential customers. The central aspect of a 3-minute pitch is to leave an audience wanting to know more about the company being presented and the team behind it. It should ensure a follow-up meeting in all cases, one that leads to potential funding.

What a 3-minute pitch deck should not be

As such, a 3-minute pitch isn’t just about expanding on the landing page to a website. It’s not about reading keywords off a slide, let alone filling slides up with full-text paragraphs. It’s not just a brief idea or slogan about what you do, either. It’s a compact informational summary of your business for potential funding. 

The perfect 3-minute pitch calls for cohesion and a succinct - and catchy! - explanation about your main product, what your company does, and the people driving it. Keep this goal in mind to write a 3-minute pitch deck.

The attitude we need for any pitch deck

Being proud of what we’ll highlight about a product, company, and service offer is at the root of what any entrepreneur needs to present a startup in the most exciting ways. Since probably nobody else knows as much as CEOs about starting a company, pitching at Demo Day for one should come quite easy. In the end, we’re looking at the savviest about what they’re presenting. As the expert, you should easily come across as such! 

We typically need to beat the fear of public speaking for this, however. Or at times, it’s the fear with just becoming familiar with a fundraising scene that gets to us. Yet, rest assured this comes to all with experience. We need to start somewhere to get there. 

Tips to overcome the fear of a 3-minute pitch

How can we be expected to cut all we do down to a 3-minute pitch and still be successful? The thought might sound impossible. We get you. But there are widely known ways to achieve this with flying colors. 

Start by watching as many 3-minute pitches as you can. Doing so will help you realize how it’s not really that hard. After a while, you’ll be able to recognize the formula people use for their pitches. This will help you create your own and overcome being overwhelmed by the task.Let’s take the edge off your multiple pitch-related concerns by going into the fundamentals of a 3-minute pitch deck. 

How to pitch your startup in 3 minutes

Focus on the problem your company addresses, its corresponding solution for consumers, of course, and quickly speak of your competition. Then, describe the market and wrap up with your startup’s traction, team, and vision for the near future.

Keep this clear and concise. Yet, make it a story! A 3-minute pitch needs to be memorable. Do your best to keep from being boring. Run it by several people until you get there. And aim to bring your company’s story to life. 

Help yourself with our 3-minute pitch deck template as a guide on how to make this a great pitch.

Template and examples for pitching investors in 3 minutes

What’s great about Slidebean’s 3-minute pitch deck template is having startup metrics data at the beginning of a pitch. Those allow you to show a 30-second video of your product, as well. And it offers a section for highlights. You can also show off your team. And there’s plenty of room in our content and design editing tool for any extras you might need to add. 

The template relies on bold and large text to reinforce statements and make sure your content stands out beautifully. Yet our AI-powered tool will always assist in keeping your designs top-notch no matter what you do!

Video content on elevator pitches

If you could still use knowing more about 3-minute pitch decks, our video on how to write an elevator pitch explains all you need. It covers what those are. Then, it defines what those should contain. And it also provides Slidebean elevator pitch examples and those from other companies, such as Airbnb, WeWork, and Slack. In it, we give you tips on writing compelling pitches and aspects everyone should consider. We break those down and give you the inside scoop to come up with a winning pitch deck. 

Next-level pitch deck hook 

Here’s a great example of an engaging 3-minute pitch deck hook. There’s no doubt Big Willie G put the work it takes to learn this pitch by heart. He thus made every minute a large count of data that he delivered in an undebatable energetic pitch deck. It’s like he gives his startup’s entire offer and description in the blink of an eye. You never saw what was coming until you were done absorbing everything he had in store for the audience. 

Listen to him. He put every recommendation for a 3-minute pitch deck together in a way that wows an audience while also delivering content that’s emotional, personal, and funny. 

Care for a bit more of a read on pitch decks?

Our general pitch deck guide is a valuable resource to learn more about how to create a pitch deck presentation. Read it carefully to have a better idea of what to include in a full pitch deck and make sure it’s complete. If you need any extra help, please reach out to us. We’ll be glad to help in any way we can with your business presentation content and design

You can always book a call with our team of pitch deck experts here

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